Piping & Other Important Projects

2017 Riley Lateral Pipeline installation

Piping our old, leaky canals is an ongoing effort here at Swalley. Every year we try to round up the funding or partnerships to put as much pipe as we can in the ground. Pipe allows water to be conserved and new development to occur in a proactively planned manner.

The Riley Lateral Pipeline along OB Riley and Hardy roads just behind the North Bend Fire Station was a joint 2016-2017 project between Swalley and a private developer. The canal was converted into a pipeline so that new road, water, and sewer infrastructure could be installed to 16 new homes. The project was paid for using all private funding, including a 1/3 financial contribution (including labor and equipment) from Swalley.

Finished landscaping over the pipeline was designed by a local landscape architect and is a local precedent for how nice-looking properly designed urban pipeline landscape coverings can be. The project is available for tours upon request. Check out the before and after photos below.


Before Photo - Riley Lateral Canal facing East
After Photo - Riley Lateral Pipeline facing East (photo taken in same location as above).