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Irrigation Systems
Thompson Pump & Irrigation: 541-382-1438 or 541-475-1215 (Madras)
Cascade Pump & Irrigation: 541-389-7867
Newton Pump: 541-548-3502
Oregon Feed & Irrigation Supply: 541-548-5344
Toevs Landscaping & Construction (small acreage): 541-408-5890
Ewing Irrigation: 541-317-9531
Decker Landscaping (small acreage): 541-548-5174
North of South Landscaping, Inc.( small acreage): 541-647-0443

Irrigation – Planting – Cultivation - Weed Control Service
Judd Weirbach: 541-419-4516
Maricle Land & Livestock (Frank Maricle) 541-280-1054
Davenport Management Services LLC (Eric Davenport): (541) 388-6877
Greg Mohnen (McGinnis Ranch): 541-330-6680

Excavation - Piping
Brett Frazier Excavation: 541-385-3347
The Ditch Co. (Randy Putnam): 541-420-6223
TR & R Excavation (Guy Walters): 541-358-2569
York Bros. Excavation (Tyler York): 541-280-7782

Seed Suppliers
Helena Culver (formally Round Butte Seed) 541-546-5222
Madras Seed: 541-475-2605

Pipe/culvert cleanout
American Rooter: 541-389-3801

Weed & Aquatic Growth Management
Crook County Weed Control: 541-447-7958
Deschutes County Vegetation Management: 541-322-7135


Pasture Exchange Program 

Pasture Exhange Flyer & Information Download


Irrigation Effeciency Incentives and Rebates

Info about all irrigation incentives:

General hardware (gaskets, nozzles, sprinklers, regulators, drains, etc.) rebates:

LESA/ LEPA/ mobile drip rebates:

Local OSU Extension Offices
Crook County: 541-416-2115
Deschutes County: 541-548-6088
Jefferson County: 541-475-7107

Other Agencies
Deschutes County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD): 541-923-2204
Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS): 541-923-4358
Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA): 541-548-2241
Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD): 541-306-6885


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