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The Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and Partners will be conducting an irrigation workshop on March 16, 2023. This is a free educational event.  See the flyer below....

March 16, 2023 Irrigation Workshop Flyer


Putting Electric Vehicles to the Test -- 8.25.2022 Blog Post


Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly increasing in popularity. And for practical and economic reasons that go far beyond the absence of a tailpipe. For one, EVs are proving to be less expensive to own than gas or diesel vehicles. Even before the recent increase in gas prices, in many parts of Oregon, it cost less to charge them with electricity than to fill a gas tank.  EVs are also proving to have lower maintenance and repair costs over time. And now, the technology is expanding to more equipment that has been historically powered by gas. From leaf blowers and weed whackers to heavy equipment and EVs, there are more and more electric options available out there.

But how do they hold up to the rigorous demands of agricultural work? This past year we partnered with Oregon Environmental Council (OEC) and Pacific Power to find out.

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The Deschutes Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and Partners will be conducting a series of irrigation workshops throughout the 2022 irrigation season.

The workshop combines classroom sessions with on-farm application. Three workshops are planned. See attached informational flyer below for all dates and details.

October 2022 Irrigation Workshop Flyer.pdf


Celebrating some of our patrons here in the heart of Swalley! Lava Terrace Cellars is the first wine bottled in Bend with grapes grown in Bend. Congrats LavaTerrace Cellars!


FCA Modernization Video


Feds Authorize Swalley Watershed Plan/Environmental Assessment; Piping Construction to Commence. Click Here to download Press Release


- Deschutes Basin Board of Control (DBBC) -- Central Oregon Water News


- Energy Trust Incentives ---> Industry + Agriculture


Irrigation Modernization:
Swalley has partnered with Farmers Conservation Alliance (FCA) and Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) in a historic Irrigation Modernization Project (IMP). Learn more about the IMP program and success stories at:

 - Irrigation Modernization Program