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Irrigation Schedule & Stockruns

The Irrigation Season

Swalley's Irrigation Season runs from April 1st to October 31st. We will typically start turning in stockwater flows for thirsty cattle and other livestock around the last week in March and then roll into our irrigation season on April 1st per the ramp-up schedule listed below. Delivery rates may vary across the District and some patrons may experience water shortages during Spring and Fall flow ramp-up and ramp-down transition periods. Shortages may be especially evident during warm, dry weather in May and September. We do not ramp up the entire system all at once. We are demand-based, and typically start up our Main Canal and Main Pipeline first and then open up other laterals as customers call in and request water. If it is cold and wet in the Spring, we may delay running water until we have substantial demand, so it is important that customers call and let us know what their needs and concerns are. When ramping the system down in the Fall, we also operate on demand and if enough water users on a lateral wish to be shut down early, we may need to shut down portions of our system early.  Finally, we do not make changes or adjustments to our delivery system flows or patron delivery gates during the weekends, so it is best to call in your change requests early in the week, Monday through Thursday.


Patron Maintenance Responsibility

Beyond the Swalley owned canal and pipeline delivery gate, valve, or wier, the small irrigation systems leading to your property are likely privately owned and maintained by you and your neighbors. Swalley does not maintain these privately owned irrigation systems. Clogged private ditches and pipelines, grates, pumps, silted-in ponds, and/or filters are the landowners responsibility to keep free and clear. The cleaner your private infrastructure is, the more efficient your flows will be. Please call the District office with any questions or concerns. We are here to help and provide advice.


Irrigation Season Estimated Target Flow Dates and Rates *Flows are always subject to change, and not guaranteed.

-April 1 (depending on weather and demand)............0% to 30% flow rate delivered (~2 gpm/ac)

-May 1 .....................................................50% flow rate delivered (~3.5 gpm/ac)

-May 15 - Sept 14..........................100% flow rate delivered (~6-7 gpm/ac)

-Sept 15...................................................50% flow rate delivered (~3.5 gpm/ac)

-Oct 1- 31 (depending on weather and demand)........30% to 0% flow rate delivered (~2 gpm/ac)


*Note: Turning water into and out of our system is always weather-dependent and per demand. Once we start turning flows in for the irrigation season, typically April 1st through April 8th, it may take 2-3 days for water to reach your private system. As we transition into Summer, flows increase from 30% to 50% to 100%, and then in the Fall, flows decrease from 100% to 50% to 30% to 0% with the same 2-3 day period of adjustment.  Your private ditch or pipeline clean-outs and irrigation maintenance during the Fall and early Spring shoulder seasons are key to you enjoying a reliable water delivery.

Privately owned ditches and pipelines are not the District's responsibility to maintain, clean, or upgrade. Neglect of these private systems is the #1 reason that customers experience water delivery shortages and inefficiencies.

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Lava Terrace Cellars vineyard in the heart of Swalley

2020 - 2021 Winter Stock Run Schedule

Tentative Stockrun Dates
All dates are subject to change and stock runs may be cancelled at any time due to construction, maintenance, winter weather, and or inadequate river-levels. Stock runs are not guaranteed events and patrons are not surcharged for stockwater. Every year, the District has patrons ask for refunds when a stockrun does not occur. Since the District does not charge for stock runs, nor can it guarantee them, it is standard procedure for such reimbursement requests to be denied. Patrons are encouraged to call and request stock water in advance of each tentative stockrun to let us know their needs. We cannot assume that you need stock water unless you specifically request it. Good communication with the District Office and our field crew is key to your success! The latest updates will be posted here, but for more real-time info, please call your Swalley Ditchrider/Field Technician.

- November 16 - 19, 2020  *Tentative

- December 14 - 17, 2020 *Tentative

- January 11 - 14, 2021 *Very Tentative

- February: 8 - 11, 2021 *Very Tentative

- March 25 - 31, 2021 *Very Tentative

STOCKRUN NOTICE: Stock runs may be cancelled at any time due to weather, maintenance, safety concerns, and or inadequate river-levels. Stock runs are not guaranteed events and patrons are not assessed charges for stockwater. Always have a backup plan if you have stock that need water. Please contact the office for more info or concerns.