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General Manager & Board Secretary -- Jer Camarata

Mr. Camarata holds two degrees in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, a BLA and MLA with honors -- regional resource planning/landuse, GIS, and site engineering were his acedemic focus. Jer has over twenty years experience in the water resource industry and has led two irrigation districts in Oregon -- Swalley ID, Bend and Farmers ID, Hood River -- taking responsibility for large-scale irrigation and hydropower infrastructure assets.

At Swalley, Jer strives to achieve environmentally and economically sustainable energy and irrigation service for the common good. As Swalley's executive officer, Mr. Camarata has charge of the staff, oversees field and office operations, proposes and manages budgets, spearheads strategic planning efforts, implements large-scale capital improvement projects, and is responsible for implementing and interpreting policy as well as engaging in and executing District negotiations, contracts, and agreements.

Jer also serves as Swalley's Board Secretary, the Deschutes Basin Board of Control's (DBBC) Board Secretary, and is a past Oregon Water Resources Congress and CREA Board Member.